Japanese Classic Car Show. ‘Movie Stars’

From B?s?zoku style to the Californian look, this year´s Japanese Classic Car Show has it all. The diverse styling of the cars on display means that there really is something to suit everyone but sometimes all it takes is a completely standard old Toyota to stop you in your tracks.

The Toyota 2000GT is considered the first Japanese supercar and was responsible for waking the world up to the nation’s automotive industry. They are also undeniably gorgeous, and two pristine examples (both red) are present at this year´s JCCS. Consequently, much drooling ensued.

The 2000GT forced manufacturers, such as Porsche, to step up their game after setting multiple speed and endurance records in racing. It also competed in the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) production series in the United States with two factory backed cars, prepared by Carrol Shelby. They came third and fourth in their first and only season before Toyota pulled the plug, leaving many to wonder what might have been.

With super model good looks and certified racing credentials, what’s not to like about the 2000GT? Well, apart from the price tag, since one of these beauties will set you back more than a bucketful of freshly plucked kidneys on ice.

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