Jaguar F-Type. ‘Desire’. OFFICIAL FILM IN FULL

‘One man. One job. But in the desert nothing is simple’.


Operating out of Dubai, crankandpiston can certainly empathise with the tagline of this newly released film from Jaguar: you may perhaps have already seen its trailer HERE.

This though is not your standard 90-minutes of badly crafted stunts, and – if we’re citing Die Hard 5 – crippling disappointment. This 15-minute mini-movie represents Jaguar’s first steps into Tistletown and stars the all-new F-Type, enough in itself to have the petrolhead community reaching for the popcorn.

Since Daniel Craig has been too busy unveiling the new Range Rover Sport, the star of the film who steps from Jaguar’s new sportscar in an impeccably tailored suit and Italian brogues is actually Damian Lewis, who also starred in the 2012 remake The Sweeney. Mated with the Ridley Scott Associates production team, co-stars Jordi Mollà and Shannyn Sossamon and the vocal chords of Lana Del Rey, Jaguar’s first Hollywood hit so far seems to have gone down rather well.

The sequel is always a killer though…

Source – JaguarCarsMENA

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