Jaguar E-Type. Petrolicious. The Last of the Breed

Petrolicious takes a closer look at David Paddison’s classic 1973 Jaguar E-Type.


In what David Paddison describes as ‘tragic misfortune’, neither his mother nor father were car enthusiasts, this making it difficult for his own passion to grow. His salvation though lay with friends, most of whom were into slot cars, and a neighbour who happened to own a 1973 Jaguar E-Type.

It would be some years before David could boast his own classic Jag, but today he lets Petrolicious in for a closer look of his beloved 1973 E-Type, the 60th from last produced by the company.

Up close, and personal with an E-Type. Who amongst us could ever be that lucky? Well, if you just follow this crankandpiston link…

Source – PetroliciousCo

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