Import Bible. Series 7 Winter Collection. Old School

Awesome old school treasures available in the latest new series from Import Bible, the Series 7 Winter Collection.


Fifth time’s clearly the charm with our latest update on the Import Bible t-shirt range, and we’re not just talking about the curves of new model Helena Luciano. In the (we assume) hotly anticipated Series 7 Winter Collection from the team, a few old favourites have been unearthed.


First up, there’s the return to Import Bible of ‘Old School’, a series within a series that’s not been seen since 2011. To mark the occasion, the team has opted for the always cheeky, always lunatic Toyota (AE)86.


Look past Helena’s legs and here you’ll see the phrase ‘Lower Louder Harder Faster’, a nod to the tuner and mods community. And Daft Punk, apparently. Something a tad more recognisable though is a Honda S2000 ripped across the front of the Limelight t-shirt, in deference to all things Japanese and the testing prowess of one Ayrton Senna.


To which automotive example of awesome would you bequeath the term, ‘The Almighty’? Tricky isn’t it, and those of you who have drifted off to mull this over properly we’ll catch up with you later. For Import Bible though, the Almighty is the Nissan S13 Silvia, a RWD hoon wagon available in a variety of trims including Jack, Queen, King, and…well, take a stab in the dark.


Rounding out the bunch, rather aptly, is The Weekend. It’s a design that not only reminds the petrolhead community what nightmare-fuelled commute they might be missing but is also the first Import Bible design to use a photography rather than a graphic. Go ahead. Check out Series 6, Series 7 and our opening update and we’ll prove it…

– Shots courtesy of Import Bible

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