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eGarage takes a walking tour of the ICON brand, delving into some of the most recognisable model designs in 4×4 history.


The word ‘icon’ is used copiously in the automotive world: we’ve had not one (Ford GT) but two (Maserati MC12) in the past week alone on crankandpiston.com. The ICON in eGarage’s latest installment however is another matter entirely, as the full-blooded roar from the FJ44 – based on a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser – makes so unmistakably clear.

Enthusiast Jonathan Ward – owner and lead designer of ICON – walks us through some of the more astonishing members of the ICON brand, including the CJ (based on a 1940s Army Jeep), the Bronco (based on the ’66-’77 Ford of the same name), and The Derelicts. We’ll leave that one as a surprise…

Source – eGarage

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