Hyundai at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. Preview

As well as the Veloster Turbo, Hyundai plans to bring a new concept car, the HCD-14 Genesis to the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show.

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Earlier this month we brought you news that Hyundai will be (finally) bringing the Veloster Turbo to the Dubai Motor Show ahead of a planned release in the region next year. Now the Korean firm has revealed what else it’s bringing to the Dubai show next month.

Top of the list is the regional debut of the HCD-14 Genesis, which showcases plenty of features Hyundai expects to include on future production models. These include optical recognition and interactive 3d gesture recognition. The Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis was previously on show at the Detroit Motor Show earlier this year, where it was named North American Concept Car of the Year. Its systems allow it to track the drivers eyes and hand gestures, which in theory could allow customers of the future to merely look at the function they want to use – such as a navigation command or infotainment feature – or wave a hand to make it happen. Which sounds pretty funky to us.

Other Hyundai cars on show include a replica of the new i20 WRC rally car due to take part in the World Rally Championship next year, and a limousine version of the 2014 Centennial, which is Hyundai’s premium flagship model. It’s very similar to the standard Centennial, but includes an extra 285mm of leg room. You can read our verdict on the standard Centennial here.

As well as the headline models, most of the rest of the current Hyundai range will be on show too. The Dubai Motor Show takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from November 5 to 9.

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