How to make a Land Rover look 50 years old

2012 Land Rover Defender rusted to hell…or so it seems

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A 4×4 caked in filth and rotting at the seams after years upon years of donkeywork is hardly anything new. But a rusted 2012 Land Rover Defender? And one that has not spent several months at the bottom of a river?

The seemingly dilapidated model you see above and below is the brainchild of Karim Saad, who recently displayed his creation at the Dubai Sign and Graphic Imaging Middle East trade fair. So, if you yourself have also got a hankering to change the look of your Defender for right or wrong reasons, turns out all you need is an eye for graphic design, a vague idea what rust looks like, and a sodding great printer.

Source – Karim Saad. Hat tip to Land Rover MENA

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