Hennessey Venom F5 – new images hint at 483kph world record

The Hennessey Venom F5 is gunning for top speed glory, aiming to usurp the Bugatti Chiron on the way to 483kph.

Hennessey Performance’s latest images are the surest indication yet that the Venom F5 hypercar will hit 483kph. The images released on the firm’s Instagram account capture the rear of the car, one with the F5 adjacent to a road sign reading ‘speed limit 483kph’.

Similarities can be seen between the new images and early renders of the Venom F5 – most notably the light graphics have been carried forward. The rear-wing and triangulated exhaust arrangement also remain, but the carbonfibre rear diffuser has been ditched.  

Little information regarding the forthcoming American hypercar has been divulged so far. However, the Texan outfit confirmed the F5 will be built in-house (by Hennessey Special Vehicles) on an a all-new platform conforming to standard road car regulations to make it street-legal. 

With hopes to crack 483kph, the F5 is expected to enlist the turbocharged, 7-litre Chevrolet-sourced V8 once again. The last of 12 Venom GTs –  the ‘Final Edition Model’ – developed 1451bhp while weighing-in at 1244kg. Assuming the Venom F5 moves the game on, the Chiron will be looking warily over its shoulder, with Hennessey touting a Bugatti-matching power output for the F5. Tipping the scales close to two tonnes, even with 1479bhp, the Chiron somehow looks likely to be well beaten on the power-to-weight front.

The Bugatti Chiron’s latent claim to the top speed record hasn’t yet been realised – but Hennessey does claim that its Venom GT hit 435kph. Bugatti says there are no tyres capable of both withstanding the – unlimited – round-about 467kph top speed of the Chiron and surviving day-to-day use.

How Hennesey overcome this hurdle will be intriguing. Whether they fit specific rubber to achieve a top speed record and then supply customer cars with tyres suited to regular use, or seek-out a tyre supplier to make bespoke boots for the 483kph job, we’ll no doubt find out.

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