GTZ Motor Club. Wet Drift. Yas Marina. Abu Dhabi, UAE

GTZ Motor Club members get drifting in the wet on the Dynamic Training Area at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Whoever it was from GTZ Motor Club Headquarters that came up with the brilliant idea of having a wet drift night deserves a medal. Held on the Dynamic Training Area at Yas Marina Circuit, GTZ’ians had the opportunity get their drift on and have a bit of a hoon in a safe, and very wet, environment.

Considerable time and effort had probably been expended by the organizers to create a challenging and varied course for the members to navigate. Incorporating a dry area (for members not too bothered about tyre shredding activities) and the wet area (for super slippery shenanigans) the complex layout would be a challenge for even the most skillful of drivers.

After the first few runs, however, it became apparent that the track layout was too difficult for most drivers… Okay, not really. They just ignored it for the opportunity to partake in some wholesale hooning in the wet and many poor cones got sacrificed during the evening.

Although the GTZ Motor Club is a marque specific club, catering for Nissan and Infiniti Sports Cars, many friends had tagged along in other cars and were made welcome even if they were driving American muscle or Bavarian braun. Kudos to GTZ’ians for their friendly and all-inclusive nature.

A moment of awesome, and something worth mentioning about the evening, was when the Cadbury Purple Y62 Nissan Patrol took to track. This beast is a legit drift ‘car’ with Tein suspension and stripped out interior – BEAST.

Big Wet Gallery of Images Here – CLICK

Thanks to GTZ Motor Club, Yas Marina Circuit and Nissan Middle East

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