Paul Ricard European GT3. Through the eyes of Eric Fabre

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It’s always mildly frustrating when there is an event on that you just can’t make it to. Now that frustration is even greater when a) the event is an FIA GT3 race b) said race is at Paul Ricard HTCC c) you have a friend racing in the support race and d) said friend does bloody well, taking his slightly lardy race car from the back of the grid to 5th!Oh well, I’m sure there will be another time. Mind you, there is good news! Skills in the form of Eric Fabre were present at the colourful, state of the art, Paul Ricard HTTT to capture in glorious colour, the events of the weekend.

In terms of the actual results from the weekend, Daniel Keilwitz and Christian Hohenadel took another win in the mighty Vette, to score a maximum 50 points in the two FIA GT3 European Championship races at Paul Ricard.

Keilwitz crossed the line in the nr101 Callaway Competition Corvette Z06R GT3 ahead of championship rival Joakim Lambotte in the nr16 Graff Racing Corvette, with Paul Van Splunteren finishing on the podium for the second time in two races in the nr61 Prospeed Competition Porsche 911 GT3-R.

As always with GT3 the racing was close and epic to say the least. The top 3 cars were covered by just 1.8 seconds at the end of the 60-minute race.

We hope you enjoy the stunning pics from Eric!

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