Ginetta G50. Now available at Gulf Sport

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Sportscar specialist GulfSport Racing has signed an agreement with British GT Champions, Ginetta Cars to provide official support to drivers and race teams wishing to enter the Ginetta G50 GT4 in the forthcoming UAE GT Championship and the 24H of Dubai.

This means that GulfSport Racing is the first company in the Gulf to represent a GT4 category manufacturer with sales, full trackside and engineering support.

Ginetta has been building road and race cars in the UK since 1958. In 2008, Ginetta acquired an equal share in Zytek Engineering, a Le Mans LMP1, LMP2 chassis and engine manufacturer. “Ginetta are delighted to be working with GulfSport to promote the Ginetta brand and its products in the Middle East”. Commented Richard Dean, Managing Director of Ginetta cars Ltd. “We have had a very successful first season in 2008 with the G50 in the many varied championships it has competed in, 2009 seems to be building on that success with our first wins and clean sweep of the podium in the GT4 European Cup”.

“The GCC region has yet to see Ginetta and the G50, we are sure GulfSport can provide the correct platform to demonstrate the diversity and affordability of the 2008 GT4 championship dominating race car”. The Ginetta G50 GT4 is a fully homologated GT4, unbeaten in the 2008 British GT Championship and eligible for the European, Dutch, Spanish and Belgian GT4 Championships. It took the British motorsport world by storm in 2008 and as a result was voted ‘Car of the Year’ by AUTOSPORT magazine last December.

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GulfSport’s Technical Director Martin Hope said “Although all homologated GT4 and UAE GT Championship cars have an equalised power to weight ratio, the Ginetta does have an unfair advantage – it is less than half the cost of its competitors”.


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