Free ice cream from Skoda. Bring a step ladder

Skoda super-sizes an ice cream truck.

Skoda Ice Cream Van

Who likes ice cream?! We like ice cream. And Skoda likes ice cream. So much so that it’s made a 21-foot tall ice cream van and is tooling around the UK handing the cold stuff out for free.

The stunt is part of a PR campaign for the Skoda Octovia vRS, which is the fastest Skoda ever produced. The idea is that they made an average car super, so… see?

The ice cream van sits on five monster truck wheels and requires a ladder to access the lolly hatch. It also features four massive loudspeakers that will presumable deafen anyone within a three-mile radius by blasting out a tinny version of Greensleeves.

Now I want an ice cream. Be right back.

Skoda Ice Cream Van 1

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