Frankfurt 2013: Nismo unveils a… watch? What?

Nismo unveils a smartwatch at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Hmm.

Nismo Watch 2

The first story that landed on the crankandpiston newsdesk this morning came from the Frankfurt Motor Show, but it wasn’t about a car. It was from Nismo, Nissan‘s motorsport arm, and it was about a smart watch. Who needs cars, eh?

The watch, creatively called the Nismo Watch, is designed to connect the driver and the car, delivering biometric data to the car and displaying information from the vehicle to the driver. The person wearing it can monitor average speed and fuel consumption readings, access vehicle telematics and performance data while on track, and capture biometric data via a heart rate monitor. Presumably this means you can accurate see just how terrified you were when you went in too fast into turn three and the back end started squiggling about.

Nismo Watch 3

We’ll be honest – based solely on the press release we can’t really see the point, but Nissan clearly believes there’s a future for this sort of wearable car tech and is investigating how to use it to both improve the performance of Nismo race drivers and make things more exciting for customers. It’s planning on using ECG, EEG and skin temperature monitoring to capture heart, brain and body temperature and hydration level data from race drivers to improve performance in the future.

Naturally, wearers of the Nismo Watch can share their data across social networks. So all your friends can see you having a mild heart attack at the wheel of a Juke.

Nismo Watch 1

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