Frankfurt 2013. Kia Niro. Onwards and upwards

Kia unveils a funky city car concept called the Niro.

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It’s very difficult to start a story about Kia without reference to their continuing growth as a brand, compared to the nonsense they put out a few years ago. So we’ll take that as read now, and look at their latest concept car, a mini SUV called the Kia Niro, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show and previewed on this very site a couple of weeks ago.

Although it’s a concept, Kia is making noises that suggest it could built the Niro – or something like it – for urbanites looking for something small but distinctive. According to Kia, the Niro “has the solidity and style of a solid-cast titanium watch case yet displays a nimble stance that hints at a readiness for action promising protection and capability”. Which is a load of marketing balls that basically means it’s tough but agile.

Under the surface, the Niro’s platform will form the basis for all Kia’s B-segment cars in the future – think Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo size. Its engine is a 1.6-litre turbo that makes 158bhp.

Kia has a recent history of putting relatively radical designs into production – witness the Soul, for example – so don’t be too surprised to see the Niro become reality in a few years’ time.


– For more sneaky peeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show, be sure to check out the crankandpiston instagram, pinterest and twitter accounts.

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