Frankfurt 2013. Jaguar C-X17. Official VIDEO

After much leaking and rumour, Jaguar finally releases official pictures and information on its C-X17 SUV concept.

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Possibly the worst kept secret ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show has been Jaguar‘s new SUV, the C-X17. Pics have been leaked, much discussed, but now Jaguar has finally released official details ahead of it’s debut in Germany.

So, the four-seater C-X17 is a concept crossover SUV, and showcases a new lightweight aluminium monocoque architecture for its future vehicles, the first of which will be a mid-sized saloon planned for 2015. So far there’s no official word on whether the C-X17 will follow in production form, but given the world’s demand for SUVs at the moment, we fully expect the concept to become reality. The idea is that the new architecture will mean the SUV is lighter than it would previous have been, meaning better dynamics, as Jaguar owners demand and expect.

There are some sexy interior bits in the C-X17 too. It showcases something called Interactive Surface Console, which is a posh name for a multi-screen infotainment system that connects each passenger and the outside world through social media.

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No real tech specs have been announced, but Jaguar says it ‘could’ offer saloon car-like handling thanks to its low height, optimised centre of gravity and tech such as Torque Vectoring by Braking, which brakes wheels individually to distribute torque under cornering. It runs an all-wheel drive system that powers the front wheels until the rears are needed as well.

Looks wise, it’s very recognisably Jaguar, pinching its nose from the XJ and its haunch lines from the F-Type. It sits on 23-inch wheels and boasts LED headlamps and J-shaped running lights, with frosted glass foglights set into the front intakes. The paint is Caesium Blue, with the alloys finished in Dark Atlas graphite. Mmm.

The new architecture, which is known as iQ[Al], is high-strength, very stiff and lightweight, all of which is good for both efficiency and performance. The fundamentals of it can also be scaled to all sorts of different vehicles – hence the first ever Jaguar SUV, as a demonstration. Jaguar says it heralds a dramatic expansion of the brand’s portfolio, so expect plenty of niches to be filled in its line up over the coming years, including cheaper models.

So then – it’s official, Jag has an SUV. Watch out Range Rover.

– For more details on the C-X17, check out the official microsite

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