Ford GT vs GT40 vs GT70. Five decades of Fun. XCAR

XCARFilms takes a long(er) look at the Ford GT40, the Ford GT70 and the Ford GT in a tribute spanning five generations.


You may remember the drag race the guys at XCARFilms set up a few months ago between the Ford GT, the GT40 and the GT70. Yes, a whitewash for the 650(ish)hp GT, but – as it turns out – a teaser for a more thorough video.

Only three models from Ford have ever earned the ‘GT’ badge, discounting the GT90 concept, a spiritual successor to the original GT40 and influence for the GT that followed (don’t worry, it gets less confusing). Foremost of which was the GT40, the much-celebrated Ferrari-beater at Le Mans in 1966 – with one Bruce McLaren at the wheel – ‘67, ‘68 and ‘69. Next up is the oft-forgotten GT70, a rally-bred V6 powered monster that didn’t quite make the top step thanks to the indomitable force that was its Escort Mk II successor.

And finally there’s the GT. Which we put up against a Nissan GT-R Track Pack. Need we say anymore…?

Source – XCAR

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