Rolls-Royce’s new SUV. Project Cullinan

Behold, the first picture of Rolls-Royce’s new SUV! Well, sort of…

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This, believe it or not, is Rolls-Royce‘s forthcoming luxury SUV. Well, it’s learning to be – this is the first test mule that Rolls is using to test out components destined for the vehicle codenamed Project Cullinan.

In February, Rolls confirmed that it was working on a larger vehicle. Although it hasn’t called it an SUV, it does call it a “high-sided, all-terrain motor car”, which sounds like an SUV to us.

The test mule is based on a shortened Phantom body and is developing the new car’s alloy wheel drive suspension system. “The body may hint at the size of the new car,” suggests Rolls, but it won’t look like this from a design point of view.

The tests that the mule will undergo look at on-road and off-road behaviour and stability. The development will be split between public roads and private test facilities.

We’d actually quite like to see Rolls-Royce release a production version of the test mule. A jacked up, shortened Phantom with a big rear wing? Hell yeah.

The Cullinan name comes from the world’s largest uncut diamond, found in 1905.

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