Ferrari California T. ‘Deserto Rosso’

Ferrari releases its tribute to the Arabian desert with ‘Deserto Rosso’

Ferrari California Deserto Rosso-7

Nope, this is not a new model. ‘Deserto Rosso’ is actually Italian for ‘Red Desert’, a nod to both the colour so emblematic of Maranello’s most famous car company and the Empty Quarter/Rub al’ Khali in which the below video is based.

Said film is a tribute to the Middle East and is set across a 24-hour period. And shows, well, less of the 552bhp California T than we’d expected (we’ve driven it, and it’s really quite good). Of course this being an Italian film, the in-house description includes terms such as ‘raw untamed power’, ‘distinctive throaty growl’, and, perhaps inevitably, ‘majestic beauty’. Oh, and there’s not a huge amount of engine noise either…

Still, if you’re up for watching ‘the tranquillity of the opening scene’, sit back, relax, and click play. We’re going to start checking flight and car rental prices for Saudi Arabia and Ferrari. Those roads do look pretty epic…

Source – Ferrari

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