Fenix Automotive. Lee Noble. Supercar in gestation

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We bring you the Fenix Automotive’s new supercar, the first product from Lee Noble’s new outfit….And what a corking looking thing it is.

Sadly the Lee Noble and Noble story is quite torid and he has been separated from the company that bears his name for a while now. However you can’t keep a guy like Lee Noble down and as you can imagine he has been hard at work.

The Fenix supercar prototype is currently in build at Fenix’s facility in South Africa, and the car will do its initial hot-weather testing there before heading to the UK for further development. The last car that Lee had is hands on was the pretty M14, that sadly was a stillborn project and as you can see from the pics the cars do bear a resemblance. The Fenix however will be powered by an LS3 V8 churning 480bhp of twist and the true psychopaths can spec the car with a 638bhp LS9 V8 as seen in the Corvette ZR1.

In terms of numbers and hard cash the base model is expected to cost around $110k, with the supercharged version set to come in at less than $160k. So you get a Supercar munching car for a fraction of the cost! Can’t be bad and I am sure Mr Noble will make sure of that..

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