@F1photographer. Darren Heath. What it means to me

We all know that the art of photography is subjective. Some you like, some you don’t. Images and artists that you have a desire to consume, repulse others. One such artist the pushes the consume button in my world is Darren Heath. The man that the digital world knows as @F1photographer, a man that is at the pinnacle of his game shooting F1 cars around the world in a way that very few are capable of. That ability to freeze frame motion yet still have the image move is genius.

For those that are unaware (surely a few) of who Darren Heath is, you’ll be pleased to hear he is a multi award winning photographer specialising in Formula One. Log onto his site darrenheath.com to consume and be inspired. Or as I said above, not.

Before you do that though, sit down and enjoy this great interview shot by Mario Muth, talking about the passion for Formula One, how he approaches a racing weekend, what gear he is using and what he wants to bring across in his pictures.



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