eGarage. 1975 Formula One Car On The Dyno. TEASER

The latest eGarage teaser trailer sees a 1975 Formula One car on the dyno courtesy of J&L Fabricating

It’s the simple things in life that tend to be the best. The latest piece from eGarage for instance (a teaser of a fuller feature to come) features a Parnelli-Ford VPJ4 Formula One car – as raced by Mario Andretti for Vel’s Parnelli Jones Racing for all but two rounds of the 1975 F1 season – being taken to the 9000rpm redline on the dyno by J&L Fabricating in Washinton.

And this, as I say, is just a teaser. You’ll want to stick around for the full-length feature. We certainly will be.

Source – eGarage

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