Dubai Swap Meet. 26th April. Dubai Autodrome

Live in Dubai? Wanna sell or exchange your used or unsold parts for cars and bikes? Dubai Swap Meet is the place to be this Saturday.

Dubai Swap Meet 1

Dubai, home of the shiny and new. Well, forget all that as this Saturday will see the first ever Dubai Swap Meet held at the Dubai Autodrome for a chance to sell or exchange your used or unsold automotive wares. Individuals and companies are being welcomed to bring along their old pruck and shiny stock and sell, swap or charitably give shiz away to new owners.

We’ll be heading down to hand out a load of free stickers, have a haggle and see what swag we can walk away with. Not sure what the chances of picking up a dashboard and complete interior for a Toyota AE86 or a distributor from a Nissan VG30S* are but you never know…

Check out Dubai Swap Meet for more details.

*if you have these items I has the money and will see you on Saturday.

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