Duaiv and the painted Ferrari FF

French artist Duaiv perfects the art of painting on Italian supercars, most notable of which are the Ferrari FF and the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

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For those who thought the finest from Maranello couldn’t look more fetching than in their scarlet garb, Duaiv has a probably unwanted answer for you.

The below is a Ferrari FF, one of the latest pieces from the French artist. Born in Bordeaux in 1952, his impressionist interpretations were encouraged from an early age by his mother (a trained concert pianist) and his father (a renowned sculptor), though they were slightly less chuffed that his earliest piece of artwork – at age three – ended up on their living room wall. By age nine, his first canvas painting was complete, and having moved to the south coast, a lifelong love affair with landscapes and marital scenery was born.

It was from this vivid backdrop that Duaiv perfected his art. Only ever using six to eight colours on his works, the Benezit Directory of top-rated painters entrant incorporates the works of 19th and 20th century Impressionist painters like Monet, Cézanne, Vermeer and Frans Hals into his visions. Most notable however is Salvador Dali, with whom a young Duaiv spent time working. Each piece – be it canvas, plastic panel or carbon fibre – uses cans of paint rather than tubes, various sizes of palette knives and tiny brushes, the resultant creation smoothed with his fingers and taking months to get right. The below FF – created in accordance with Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale in the US, of which Duaiv became a full citizen in 2011 – boasts a bright, colourful demeanour as a means of emphasising the passion that goes into its build.

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As you can imagine, this is hardly Duaiv’s first venture down the automotive art route: an upcoming 458 Spider project follows on from a hardtop equivalent. One of the Frenchman’s most recent items of work meanwhile was ‘Project Duaiv’, a wrapped Lamborghini Aventador Roadster in accordance with Lamborghini Miami. Not only did the piece allow him to work with one of favourite modern-day supercars, the Project also offered an altogether different canvas for one of Duaiv’s paintings.


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