Driving Nirvana. Track of the Gods

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As a kid I used to draw race tracks and envisage what they would be like to drive… blatting through the corners in my favourite matchbox toy, nailing the apexes and killing the braking zones. Fast forward all these years and I’m still dreaming about the perfect closed road course. Mind you now I’m thinking about throwing in a luxury hotel along the lines of what the Ascari Race Resort offers, a collection of stunning petrol slurping machines, a beautiful 18 hole golf course and now you are beginning to have an insight into the thoughts I have now.

So when I came across this pic of Kaengkrachan Circuit in Thailand I almost fell off my sofa!!

Can you feel where I am coming from? Imagine something like this buried in the UAE Desert around the Al Maha resort? Or maybe placed in the foothills of the Hajar mountains!

Source – dvospeed.tumblr.com

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