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So another year at Le Mans!

I’m sat here in the truck at the Miller Motorsports Park ready to start the fourth ALMS round of this 2010 season. Having had time to relax and reflect on this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours I wanted to give an insight into my personal experience of the great race this year!

Sunday evening walking around the paddock as everyone is starting to arrive. The trucks are being unloaded and you can already get a sense of just how electric the atmosphere is going to be come race day! Le Mans really is like nothing else, and for any true hardcore sportscar fan, its something that they really can’t afford to miss out on! The atmosphere builds from first thing Monday morning and there really is nothing else like it!

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Being lucky enough to compete at Le Mans as a driver is one of my all time dreams! It was only a couple of years ago that I visited Le Mans with a good friend and as we sat in the grand stand watching the start of the race, both of us really couldn’t imagine what it must be like to be in one of the cars! Now I am running my second event and it is an unbelievable experience.

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The Le Mans week is long and testing even for the biggest teams out there. You have to really be conscious of the end goal, which is of course finishing the race, and hopefully in a strong position too! It’s just so important for everyone in the team to pace themselves throughout the week, to be sure that come the start of the race, everyone is in the best physical and mental condition to achieve the best overall result!

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Scrutineering is an event in itself! Thousands of people flock to the main Le Mans town square to get up close to the drivers and cars as they are guided by the marshalls through the scrutineering process. It’s just amazing to be involved with; meeting so many interesting people all sharing the same passion for the sport and Le Mans!

It really was a fantastic day this year, one of the highlights being the response that our car and team got from the fans! Just incredible, and a great privilege to be involved with! I was chatting to one of the fans who lived in Le Mans and had been visiting for the last 20 years. When I met him he had a blank piece of paper and a fine line pen. 20 minutes later he had drawn an incredibly detailed picture of our Drayson Racing Lola! He told me later that each year he chooses one car, and this year it was our turn! Pretty amazing and something that will stick in my mind!

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