Drayson Racing. Behind the wheel with Jonny Cocker

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As you will know, we have been following the exploits of Drayson Racing for the last couple of years now, from their expeditions in the very angry Aston Martin GT2 and now their super sexy Lola Judd LMP1 car.

Super skills, Jonny Cocker, has very kindly provided crankandpiston a very cool behind the scenes exclusive blog post from the Le Mans 24Hrs, that will see the light of day in a couple of days, however in the mean time revel in a short clip of Jonny behind the wheel of his stead around the Miller Motorsport Park in Utah.

Taking P2 in the LMP1 class at Utah during Quali and then going on to finish the race in 2nd place with his legendary team mate Emanuele Pirro ( Click here for Emanuele’s awesome opportunistic overtake at Sebring). Sadly team owner and skilled wheel merchant Lord Drayson was unable to race due to an injury…he will be back soon though!

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Stop Press: Drayson Racing concluded its best weekend of prototype racing to-date by accomplishing one of its founding objectives: winning the Michelin® Green X® Challenge. The award for the most efficient and competitive performance in an Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO)-sanctioned series is part of the team’s founding principal to utilise motorsport to advance the development of sustainable motoring. It marks the second time the team has won the award having first achieved it in the Asian Le Mans Series inaugural event in Okayama, Japan, November 2009.

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