DK Engineering. 2013 Showcase. The Peak

DK Engineering showcase 2013, a peek through the Chorleywood keyhole.

We’ve given it some thought, considered this and mulled over that, and the crankandpiston team is still unanimous: we’d be pretty chuffed to spend a day with DK Engineering.

This sort-of-soul searching comes in the wake of DK’s latest showcase, a day in which the public can tour the team’s grounds at Chorleywood and take in legend after piston-thumping legend. Cast but a cursory eye over this one-minute teaser, and you’ll find cameos from the Ferrari F40, the Testarossa, the 328, the Dino, and even the occasional Ford GT and Pagani Zonda.

As you can imagine, we weren’t thinking for too long…

Source – DKEngineeringTV

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