Design Pieri Auto Art. Jaguars for your wall

Living room wall missing a Jaguar? Check out Design Piero Auto Art

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Ever thought about owning an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale for $120? Or a Porsche 917? Well now you can, and for those of you who couldn’t be arsed to read the byline may be disappointed to hear that we’re not talking about the full monty genuine articles. Instead, we’re referring to the stunning pieces produced by Design Piero Auto Art, headed up by namesake Cesar.

Born in Brazil and having honed his design skills with manufacturers across the globe, Cesar’s works encompass some of the world’s most iconic models, including the Lancia Delta Integrale and the Audi Quattro. Limited to 49 copies worldwide and signed by the man himself, a combination of Fine Art papers and a sizable amount of varnish means the pieces themselves are unlikely to fade. Helpful if you have one in mind for the living room wall.

Of course, since he’s currently holed up at the Jaguar Advanced Design Studio, it won’t surprise you to learn that Coventry’s finest car maker plays quite a key role in his work. As well as the traditional D’s and E-Types, you’ll also find artwork based on the brand new XE (one first drive of which we’ll bring you very soon) and even development sketches of the knuckle-chewingly pretty Project 7.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to check out Design Pieri’s Jaguar Bonnet Artwork Collection…

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