DeLorean DNA. Romain Jerome Watch. Back In Time

DeLorean forms the basis of a new watch from Swiss watchmakers Romain Jerome, made using stainless steel from the DMC-12 itself.

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Any new brand on the scene has to make an impact. Has to have a plug. Needs a bit of pizazz. To do its best not to slink into the crowd from which it may not come back.

For Romain Jerome in 2007, that didn’t prove too tricky, since their first watch – the Titanic DNA – was made using metal salvaged from the doomed ocean liner itself: as marketing strategies go, you have to admit that’s a pretty good one. Not intent to sit on their laurels, the team quickly introduced a second piece, the Moon DNA, made using moon dust and fibres from an Apollo 12 spacesuit. Clearly the sky wasn’t the limit.

Now the team have taken the petrolhead approach, and given it’s connections with time travel, Romain Jerome’s muse this time could surely not have been anything but the DeLorean DMC-12.

Metal filings taken from the famous stainless steel gullwing doors make up the case, while the hands were inspired by the shape of a dashboard and the smaller dials pay tribute to the two-seater’s taillights. Turn the DeLorean DNA over and you’ll find a stencilled image of the DMC-12 plus an edition number. Yours for the princely sum of $16,500.

Only 81 pieces will be made, a nod to the model’s first year of production. Surely 88(mph) would have been more appropriate…

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