The very best of the Dakar Rally

The Dakar has long been the true test of man and machine. Most famously ran between the cities of Paris in France and Dakar on the African Continent, the event has been an attraction on the motorsport calendar for a number of years. Sadly over the past couple of years the event has had to run in South America of all places (guns, shooting…sad stuff like that) and even though the race has been thousands of miles away from the original path it has continued to keep its brand identity by using the Dakar name.

This particular clip charts the course of the 2010 Dakar rally during its 31st running as the 362 teams made up of 176 motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, 134 cars, and 52 trucks course weaved from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Chile and back.

As you will see, it is a stunning portrayal of the passion and effort required to complete this gruelling event.


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