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It was great to get the Golf out for the final round of the season after getting totally frustrated with it over a three week period. Gary and Andy pulled all the stops out to make it happen! Without their support this race wouldnt have happened let alone the year.

I had the opportunity to test out the new LSD that I have been looking forward to for what seems ages. I had been having major issues with the torque biasing unit I had fitted and was quite excited to see/feel the difference.

We also made the decision to radically change the set-up of the car to make it a bit more twitchy/lively as so far this season we have been really boring with the set-up and enjoyed an easy ride. As speed was now the target the changes where made and out I went to get a feel for the changes.

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The car felt awesome and immediately I could feel the difference made by the LSD – money very well spent!! I am still trying to get my head around getting the best out of a FWD car so kept tweaking my entry to the apex throughout practice. I still have lots to learn but feel I’m getting there.

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After a good morning session on the Friday the car felt great heading into qualification so I indicated to Martin from Gulf-Sport to call me in when I had nailed a 2.00 min or better. 5 laps in and I was on a cool down lap and heading back to the pits having hit my number. 21st on the grid however was not as good as I thought even though there where 32 cars out there.

Mind you historically I do better under race conditions than I do when I’m out on my own.

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I managed to nail a great start in race one and began hauling my way up through the field. I started to have break issues towards the end however I’m known for my late breaking and mix that with 40c air temp you have soft brakes…no hiding from it!

I was ecstatic to find out I had made it to 12th by the end of the race…Hot and exhausted but ecstatic! I definitely need the roof scoop and in car fan sorted for next season though.

Keep your eye’s peeled for the updates – sneek previews on their way.

Pics – Northern Ferret

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