Corvette C7 with added Hennessey. 200mph in Texas

Hennessey, the tuning company from Texas, have a thing for speed. Keeping it pinned all the way to 320kph in a C7 Corvette on the public roads sounds good to us. (Closed public roads, but we liked the sound of the sentence without the word closed)

Corvette C7 with added Hennessey. 200mph in Texas

The latest generation Corvette has yet to properly set foot in the Middle East, yet Hennessey has already had time to plumb 700hp through one and hit 200mph (320kph) on a closed Texas toll road. Something a) isn’t right about that and b) is so right!

We had the pleasure of meeting the Hennessey crew in Dubai a couple of weeks back now and the one quote that sticks in our mind just sums the guys up. Big Don Goldman and I were talking about their mental Venom GT and the looks of disdain they get from supercar brands regarding their approach. His response: “We are just a bunch of guys from Texas that like to make s@!t go fast”

Says it all really. My kinda guy. To prove that statement yet again, the Hennessey crew took their freshly modded C7 Corvette to the Grand Parkway, which connects I-10 to Hwy. 290 on the west side of Houston, Texas. The plan? Test the speed cameras and the stat’es revised EZ tag toll system. Result? 200mph (320kph) and a speeding ticket. The system works then.

We must make that phone call to Dubai Police and talk Aventadors and the local road toll system.

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