Classic Remise Dusseldorf. Knights of the Roundhouse

We take a look at some classic cars at the Classic Remise in Dusseldorf, built from the foundations of an old railway roundhouse.

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I can’t think of many times when I’ve walked through a former shunting yard, past a railway turntable and into a roundhouse for locomotive maintenance and storage, only to find a classic car collection. As you’ve probably guessed, immaculately polished showroom floors and spotlights on the ceiling don’t make much of an appearance here.

This is the Classic Remise centre in Düsseldorf. Though originally marketed under another name, hearty investment and not a little architectural development mean it’s been pulling in business since 2006. In 2010 the facility was bought by the Meilenwerk AG group, who already owned the Classic Remise – the first of its kind – in Berlin. Now they have two.

You’d think then that German manufacturers would have a monopoly on the centre’s exhibits. But you’d be wrong. Take a sniff around and you’ll find enough old style Bentleys, Fiats, Jaguars and Healeys to accidentally scratch if you’re not paying attention to your camera bag.


True, going into any classic car showroom a mere 3h 19m and an 80 euro train ticket away from the Volkswagen hub in Wolfburg would be unforgivable, and the People’s Käfer – as it was at the Autostadt we visited recently – is consequently an ever popular addition to the collection.  This Pagoda display front and just off centre keeps the German identity represented nicely too.


The occasional Lamborghini proved just the tip of the iceberg, Italian super and sportcars proving a big drawer and frequent inhabitants of the Remise…


…some of which tend to blend in better than others. We can’t really imagine how the ‘Rambo Lambo’ – the V12 LM002 – would have fit into a 1930s road network. And yes, we mean that quite literally.


If the roundhouse (or ‘coach house’ if you prefer the direct translation of Remise) is not for them, some owners have the opportunity to display their collection in bespoke glass display cases, which are integrated into the building structures like an overly ornate crystal chandelier. Demand is high though, and only 75 owners can have their cherished vehicles – incredibly a cheeky Ford GT – so proudly displayed.


Unsurprising, the glut of retro automotive erotica under this circular roof means workshops and valeting services operate nearby. If however you feel your retro mobile is missing a little 21st century ‘charm’, furry dice are available at the centre’s myriad shops. Plus an oil painting or two if you’re feeling flush.


Outside international extravaganzas like the Geneva Motor Show or the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Classic Remise also offered items of interest for the entire crankandpiston posse: we made sure to snap enough Porsche 356’s to keep Mr McGovern happy; a selection of pre-war roadsters (in the absence of JDM awesome) to get Mr Davison reminiscing about his time on this year’s Mille Miglia


…a couple of Morgans following Mr Tromans’ day out with the 3-Wheeler; and pretty much anything with a racing stripe and number for Mr Gent: that’s an über rare Bizzarrini P 578 Spider, by the way.

The plan did backfire slightly though, since now they’re asking where their tickets are.


– Our thanks to Volkswagen Middle East

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