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We chatted to Mulgari supercar storage facility in Bracknell in the UK to see what’s actually required when choosing a car storage facility for your pride and joy.

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Entrusting the care of your prestigious car to the wrong people at best might result in minor inconveniences like tyre flat spots, scratched panels or fuel tank moisture; at worst you could be the victim of theft, arson or an insurance scam.

So, what should you be on the lookout for the next time it comes to putting your venerable vehicle in to storage?


Security is without doubt your single most important consideration. Effective security is as much psychological as physical; a facility that employs techniques that will deter both opportunist and professional thief alike is critical.

No security system is entirely infallible provided someone has the time, resources and determination to stage a break in. But, a good car storage facility will make it prohibitively challenging and risky to attempt a break in, encouraging miscreants to seek softer targets. A storage facility that takes steps to mitigate its weaknesses will be better protected than one which does not take your vehicles security seriously.

CCTV and a monitored alarm system are the foundations of good security as the threat of a swift response from the emergency services is enough to deter all but the most audacious of felons.

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Getting the climate wrong will wreck the interior of your car: rust, mould and corrosion are significant problems. Too cold and you risk drying out the leather; too hot and humid and mould will grow causing your car to develop a musty stench that no amount of cleaning product can remove entirely. The optimum storage temperature is slightly below room temperature at 19 degrees Celsius.

An indoor climate controlled storage facility provides protection not only from the elements, but stops any flora and fauna that might try taking up residence in your car. A problem that outdoor storage facilities all too often contend with, clients picking up their prized vehicle only to find a family of rodents in the back.


Cars deteriorate when left unattended for any prolonged period of time and require regular maintenance to continue to operate at the performance you expect.

Car batteries leak charge and, if left alone will dissipate all charge in less than 6 months, at this stage sulphation can set in and the battery will need to be replaced. A reputable storage company will check the status of the battery when it goes into storage. Feeding it a constant trickle charge and regularly starting the engine. Keeping the battery operational in storage is of increased importance in newer cars as the internal computers require a continuous supply of energy and rebooting the system is not recommended.

Leaving a car in one place without moving the tyres will cause flat spots where the pressure hardens the rubber reducing grip and increasing susceptibility to punctures. Moving the car regularly, over inflating tyres or placing the car on axel supports whilst in storage are all viable ways of reducing strain on any part of the tyre.

Brakes seize up if not used regularly this is because of water that is absorbed by brake fluid over time. Replacing fluid when a car goes into storage will prevent internal rusting and degrading of the internal brakes.

Your storage facility will also fill the tank with fuel, preventing moisture seeping into the mix, applying a stabilising compound that will preserve the fuel for up to a year time. If the car is in storage for a number of years the tank and all fluids may be drained to ensure the car will remain in a constant condition.

A facility that specialises in detailing will also be able to restore your car’s aesthetics to a condition that matches or surpasses when you bought it.

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The best facilities are open 7 days a week. Plus, a facility that will deliver your car to you as and when you want it has to be high on the agenda for anyone seeking a professional storage service. Storing a car with a tuning specialist can give you the added convenience of being able to have your vehicle modified and improved as you please with no hassle on your part. Companies that offer both of these services are few and far between, but the value they can provide is clear.

Source – Mulgari

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