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Guest Author – Gary Francis

This is my first post on having been busy in the background ensuring all the Radicals/Caterhams in the GRC are out on the track racing and ensuring Phil has some idea what he’s doing in the CnP Golf GTI. Some times I get five minutes to myself to grab my trusty Canon D400 and shoot some of the action. Irritatingly most of my shots are from the pitlane – as I’m usually needed to be onhand to nurse hot Radicals!

First up through the lens is Jeremy Lesters awesome Caterham G7…

It started life in the Bahrain International Circuit as one of the arrive and drive cars for hire so the general public could loon around the GP circuit. It was soon sold to a guy in Dubai. The new owner did the occasional track event at the ‘Drome but decided to part with it due to lack of interest…in stepped Jeremy who is quite possibly THE nicest guy in the known universe.

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Jeremy’s intention was to dabble in some trackdays and take part in so wheel to wheel race action in the Gulf Radical Cup. Gulfsport offered Jeremy a few mods to help the peformance – grip and braking. She now runs on full slicks accompanied with higher quality dampers aero tweeks oh and a full motorsport ecu, custom built wiring harness and Jenvey throttle bodies.

After 2 days setup on the rolling road we achived 207 BHP at the crank. (add the 450 kg weight and you have a sh#t fast motor!!)

The next available round of the GRC saw a very contented Lester woop past the stock G7 Caterham of a surprised Ramzi Moutran!! – We will cover that one soon….

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  1. Ramzi Moutran

    :))))) I do remember that even on the next few races “on his own slicks” he still did not get past…. :))))) but only just. All he needed was one more lap…

  2. Gulfsport Gary

    As Jezza is such a nice guy he thought inappropriate to beat Ramzi on Ramzi’s borrowed slicks…at least thats what he told me anyhow!!!

  3. How did that race finish again 😉

    Great to see Jeremey getting recognition for some amazing improvements to both car and driver over the season…