Carbon Signal Automotive. Wide-Arch Nissan 370Z. Dubai

Carbon Signal Automotive release wide-arched Nissan 370Z. Feel the fatness.

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It’s no secret that the guys from Carbon Signal Automotive have recently been working on a new widebody kit for the Nissan 370Z. Followers of their social media outlets have been teased with regular updates on the wide-arched Z34 project, known as Moonbeam, these past few months but it has all been a little bit secretive to say the least. The released detail shots of the work in progress didn’t really give too much of the game away causing a mixture of excitement and frustration from Fairlady owners who wanted a little wide-arch action on their 370Z.

Carbon Signal 370Z

crankandpiston – the sneaky devils that we are – have been in on the action since day one and a few weeks ago we hooked up with Carbon Signal Automotive for an exclusive photoshoot of Moonbeam. But it didn’t exactly go to plan. The car looked great and the decals were being applied but an eleventh hour rethink decided a different front splitter, more aggressive but still usable on the street, would suit the car better. I guess this is a problem when you mainly specialise in aftermarket Nissan products with a large range of 370Z items to suit all tastes.

Carbon Signal 370Z

Added to this splitter conundrum, the guys at Carbon Signal Automotive were not happy with the ride height at the front. It was a few millimetres too high. Yes, that’s right. It was too high by a mere few millimetres and that just wouldn’t do and the photoshoot was rescheduled. Perfection might never be achievable in life but it is great to see such a relatively young company either 100-percent commit to their product or be willing to delay release until they are totally satisfied with the final look. Even though I personally could detect nothing wrong with the ride height…

Carbon Signal 370Z

On the rescheduled shoot it is immediately apparent that they were right. The new carbon fibre front splitter flows seamlessly with the carbon fibre side skirts and three-piece rear diffuser (with Carbon Signal Automotive tail pipes dressing up the custom exhaust) tying the whole car together. The suspension has also been dropped all round and not just at the front. However, even sitting squat on those massive Gnosis CV201 Work Wheels (20×9.5 fronts/20×11 rears) is still a usable street car with no issues over the speed bumps that plague Dubai.

Carbon Signal 370Z

There are also a few interesting nods to the past which, as a fan of old Japanese jalopies, is not missed. The rear ducktail spoiler has a bit of the forefather about it resembling an S30 432 item. And the Carbon Signal sticker on the front is an obvious ‘Skyline Heart’ reference from the days of Hakosuka racing. Nice touches, but the obvious impact of Moonbeam is dat ass and dat fatness, care of those massive bolt-on fender flares.

Carbon Signal 370Z

The Nissan 370Z has always looked a bit disproportional to me. A little too short and chunky to be a super model. Who would have thought that making it carry an even wider load would produce something that you would like to get behind and spank? I’m not recommending this for contestants of America’s Next Top Model but maybe, just maybe, I am a late comer to the philosophy of Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Carbon Signal 370Z

With the photoshoot complete it is time to grab Canon and get the flock outta here but the guys at Carbon Signal Automotive have a last request. Despite the company already successfully supplying products internationally, there is genuine concern about promoting Dubai (not normally associated with high-quality aftermarket automotive parts) to the world. This is apparent by the Expo 2020 and #MyDubai decals on Moonbeam. The request is that I grab at least a few shots of something iconic, something uniquely Dubai for at least a few of the photographs.

Carbon Signal 370Z

The only thing that I can think of which is “iconic” in Dubai is cars, desert and landmark buildings. Where the hell am I gonna get that lot shot when sunset is only a few moments away?

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