Can you name 60 car brands in 60 seconds? XCAR

Can you name all 60 manufacturers in this 60-second video?


It’s Thursday and it’s past 5pm. And the fact that you are reading this means the working day is ekeing to an end painfully slowly. So, what better way to run out the clock than with this cheeky new game from XCARFilms?

Previous instalments from XCAR have included a trip down memory lane with BMW, a three-wide drag race with Ford GTs, and even a spin in Horacio Pagani’s own Zonda. This time though the guys are leaving the hard work up to you, challenging you to name all 60 of the manufacturers in this 60-second video simply from the badges. Think you’re up to the challenge?

Let us know your best score in the comments box below. And yes, the last 1m 12s of the video is just filler…

Source – XCARFilms

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