Build your very own GT-R and VR38DETT. Eaglemoss

Ever wanted to build your own Nissan GT-R or VR38DETT? Now you can thanks to Eaglemoss.

Model GT-R

If you occasionally peruse the magazine racks in your local bookstore you will be familiar with the weekly or monthly publications that allow you to build up the contents of a doll’s house, amass Star Trek figurines or fill your shelves with the collective works of Beatrix Potter. As superb as these collections are, they aren’t really best suited for the likes of us. What we need is something with a little bit more of an automotive flavour…


Building your very own 1:8 scale die-cast Nissan R35 GT-R, however,  sounds right up our street and these limited edition models – exclusively imported from Japan – have ‘shut up and take our money’ written all over them. Each instalment is delivered to your door and packed full of the parts needed to get building the 58.3cm x 23.8cm model GT-R which weighs in at over 10kg when complete.

Source – EaglemossLtd

But that’s not all. We went digging a bit further on the Japanese website and found they also produce something possibly even more awesome.


That’s right. A 1:5 scale VR38DETT. Like we said, shut up and take our money already!

Source – EaglemossLtd

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