BoomCase. The crankandpiston Christmas list.

Dear Santa, we have been good and would like a… BoomCase!


Dear Santa,

The crankandpiston crew have been very good this year and we would like a BoomCase. The BoomCase is hand-made in Sacramento, California and is very cool. We can plug our phone, iPhone, iPod, computer etc. into the BoomCase AUX port and play our music for over 18 hours on a single charge. And, because each BoomCase is a one of a kind piece, the other kids will look at us and think we are mega-awesome.


The best thing about the BoomCase is we can sling it in our classic jalopies and enjoy a modern sound system without hacking our dashboards, door cards and parcel shelves into pieces.

If you need more information on the BoomCase you can find it at this link – BoomCase

Cheers Santa, you rock.

Yours sincerely,

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