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Little on the driving side for the BMW M4 Convertible this month, but Kenny did enjoy an afternoon with the Dubai Grand Parade.

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This month’s exploit was more about showing off than driving dynamics I’m afraid. An application to the Dubai Grand Parade was accepted and so on a warm and sunny Friday afternoon, I joined several hundred other cars for a jaunt round Dubai’s city streets.

From the Meydan hotel – having ogled a wealth of exotic machines on-site, from ultra-rare Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR to the Batmobile – myself and other members of BMW Club UAE travelled in convoy around Dubai’s city limits and past some of its more notable landmarks. Believe it or not I am actually quite an introvert, not that you would know it with a ‘look-at-me’ yellow BMW, and garnering the attention we did from those lining the street watching us drive past was an amazing experience: on return to Meydan the crowds were just immense.

The M4 Convertible got its fair share of attention. Throughout the day, selfies and photos were being taken next to the M4, and while I’m very protective of my car, I was happy enough to ‘monitor’ proceedings. I like others enjoying the car as much as I do, and didn’t mind offering people rides too. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the car is still interesting enough to be accepted again next year.

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