BMW Isetta 300. Petrolicious. Jack’s Toy

Petrolicious takes an inside look at the bubble car, specifically a 1957 BMW Isetta 300.


“I’m a knitter, and I think the Isetta demands a sweater”

Nobody can deny Jack Charney’s enthusiasm for his 1957 BMW Isetta, nor his penchant for characterful sweaters. The one he wears throughout this new video from Petrolicious shows the front, the rear and even the inside of his own Isetta (check out 1m 39s for a particularly neat touch).

This one item of clothing perfectly describes Jack’s enthusiasm for his Isetta 300 (or “that God-damned thing” as another owner describes it), a model he regretted selling but would make its way back to his garage some twenty years later.

Source – PetroliciousCo

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