BMW i8 Spyder. Coming to a driveway near you soon?

When we met with BMW in Germany a couple of months ago, we talked about their forthcoming plug-in hybrid sports car, the BMW i8, and how they expect it to sell it in a Middle East region that isn’t exactly clamouring for alternative powertrains. Their answer? By making them attractive, luxurious and fun to drive.

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Well, the attractive side was already covered. Anyone that has seen the BMW i8 in the flesh can’t help but admit there is something quite special about it. It’s not your obvious, traditional beauty, but certainly a pretty thing. So what would happen if you took the roof off it? As you can see above, it’s still attractive. Very attractive in fact.

The situation with the i8 Spyder is somewhat smoke and mirrors, with the usual internet bluster and forum chats indicating the car is good to go, and BMW’s current plan is a reveal to excited onlookers at the 2014 Geneva Motorshow.

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