BMW CEO hints at Tesla Model S rival

BMW chief executive has hinted at a new ‘i5’ electric and hybrid luxury sedan, according to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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Current electric models in its range include the BMW i8 which is basically a sports car which, naturally, comes with a sports car price tag. And the i3, which is a city-friendly compact package.

Polar opposites, then? Makes perfect sense to produce something in the middle, no? Well, that’s where the i5 comes in.

When asked about new models in the pipeline, Harald Krueger told the publication: “Between the i3 and the i8, there is space if you look at it from the number point of view.”

Unfortunately, he was unable to elaborate on such details, at present.

Recent reports suggest there could be two variants of the possible i5; plug-in hybrid and pure electric.  As the name suggests, the model could look similar to the 5 Series but, judging by the manufacturer’s current electric line-up, we’re expecting something special.

Porsche is also said to have a smaller hybrid sedan in the pipeline, referred to as the Pajun (name not confirmed), which is rumoured to appear at the Frankfurt Motor Show, next month, according to Autoweek.

The Tesla Model S has been on the market since 2012, so it’s about time there was a worthy rival on the market.

Images show the Future Luxury Concept from BMW, first shown in 2014.

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