Blowing up a car in slow motion. The Slow Mo Guys

The only way an exploding car full of money could be cooler is if it blows up in slow motion. Lucky for us…

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When we’re not spending all of our time watching car videos, we sometimes watch other types of videos as well. One of our favourite YouTube channels belongs to The Slow Mo Guys, two young men from England with access to a very expensive high-speed camera.

These days, one of them lives in the US, and consequently also has access to guns and explosives and all the fun things that Americans are allowed to play with. So why not take the high-speed camera, put a load of money into an old banger, and then blow it up?

Do yourself a favour – make sure the resolution on the video is as high as it’ll go, and put it on full screen. Then sit back, and enjoy the destruction.

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