Big Mutha Moto Tank tee. Fuel Press T-Shirt

Created by Jim Phillips, Big Mutha Tank Moto tee commemorates the first issue of Moto Tank from Fuel Press.


It doesn’t matter how old you get, there are certain things that will still have the eight-year old in you grinning like an idiot. Take the idea of walking around with ‘Big Mutha’ plastered across your chest, for instance. Hilarious!

There is more to this Big Mutha Moto Tank tee design than cracking a smile from British petrolheads though. Big Mutha was designed by Jim Phillips to commemorate the first Tank Moto issue from Fuel Press. Appropriately, given its penchant for most things V12 and bruiser-ish with a hint of hot rod, said maternal figure is a whopping great dragstrip monster originally designed for Santa Cruz Skateboards in San Franciso, USA.


We can only assume that, given the recommendations for redbubble, live2race and Gasoline among others that your wardrobe is starting to strain at the seams. Still, there’s always room for one Big Mutha.


– Shot courtesy of Fuel Press

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