Bentley Mulsanne. Convertible Concept. The World’s Most…?

When a manufacturer claims to offer ‘the most’ something of something with their new product this is normally met with (possibly cynically) raised eyebrows throughout the automotive sector and calls demanding ‘prove it!’.

We have much the same situation with the new Mulsanne Convertible Concept, images of which were released shortly after this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance (apt timing, since it was at the same event three years ago that the Mulsanne made its global debut). One of the more notable parts of Bentley’s latest Concept is the claim that it will offer the ‘the world’s most elegant and sophisticated convertible’.

A bold claim, but one which Bentley seem ably prepared for. Let’s take ‘elegance’. As well as the ‘sculpted lines’, the new Convertible Concept will offer ‘muscular haunches conveying a sense of power’, likely to be backed up by the same 6.8l twin-turbocharged V8 engine that powers the Mulsanne coupe.

And ‘sophistication’? Well inspiration for the cabin of the new Mulsanne convertible come from ‘luxurious, high-performance power boats’…a bit of a tenuous link, we’ll grant you, but we though that was worth mentioning!

Not release dates have been confirmed for the new Mulsanne Convertible Concept. Then again, it does take time to get ‘the world’s most’ anything bang on.

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