Bentley goes green. Bentley Hybrid Concept

Copper load of this! Bentley’s going green with the new plug-in Bentley Hybrid Concept.

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Think Bentley and what comes to mind? Big luxury. Big power. Big engines – W12s, maaaaaybe V8s if you’re the frugal sort. But hybrids? A focus on reducing polluting emissions? It’s not been big on Bentley’s brand message.

Time to change your view on the world – Bentley is bring a hybrid concept car to this month’s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, and it’ll put one into production when the new Bentley SUV is launched in 2017.

The Bentley Hybrid Concept will see the plug-in hybrid technology showcased in a Mulsanne, currently Bentley’s flagship model. The British manufacturer believes the tech will fit in nicely with its waftily powerful image, and says that by 2020, some 90 percent of its range will be available as a plug-in hybrid. The system it’s developing offers a 25 percent rise in power along with a 70 percent reduction in polluting CO2 emissions, and can driver for at least 50km on electric power alone.

The Bentley Hybrid Concept is distinguishable from a regular Mulsanne by way of a copper exterior colour and copper detailing on the headlights, radiator shell bezel, brake calipers and badges. Because copper is used to conduct electricity. See?

Hybrids will be a very strong part of the automotive landscape over the near-to-medium future. If Bentley thinks it can improve its green credentials and at the same time boost performance without affecting its heritage of luxury, then fair play to it. There’s no information on the specs of the Bentley Hybrid Concept as yet, so we await to see what it can come up with.

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