Badass Latvian. 820hp BMW E46 drifting

Pull together an 820hp drift-spec BMW E46, a day on the docks with multiple leaf piles and Formula Drift athlete Kristaps Bluss, and you’ll get one Badass Latvian

Okay, we’ll admit we’re a little late with this video post. We just couldn’t help ourselves though: not only is this video a finalist for the 2016 London Motoring Film Festival, it’s also…well, awesome!

For starters, it’s called Badass Latvian, and any of you who’ve found THAT weird part of YouTube when insomnia’s struck at 3am will know that descriptions like this tend to produce some good stuff. For another, it features a drift-spec BMW E46 spewing 820hp destroying serious amounts of rubber. Then there’s the driver, one Kristaps Bluss. Formula Drift fans may be familiar with both the HGK Motorsports-run Riga native, who is currently 16th in the series’ Pro Championship standings. Unless of course you’re a Drift Allstars fan – [cough] Abu Dhabi coverage HERE [cough] – in which you’ll probably know Bluss as the guys who trounced all opponents at the recent Drift Allstars round in Latvia. Either way, the dude has skills.

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Bluss ably demonstrates this in front of a slightly bemused security guard, all with the Slow Mo insets, in-car footage and ear-bleeding soundtrack we’ve come to expect from any decent drift video: just think Hoonigan’s ‘Black Friday’ set on the Latvian docks and you’ll get the idea. Perhaps not one of the most recent, but certainly one of the most compelling of Robyworks’ projects yet.

Oh, and if these behind the scenes stills have suitably intrigued you, you might also want to check out the ‘Making of’ video for Badass Latvian below as well.

Enjoy this Badass Latvian video? 

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*Shots courtesy of Robyworks, Valters Pelns Photography, and Kaspars Strēlis

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