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Busy work schedules, lack of space, and lack of knowledge often determine the care of our cars – we end up taking it to a fuel station car wash simply because it’s convenient while there, but does your pride and joy really deserve that kind of treatment, or is something more required?   

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We spoke with founders Zuhair Hemraj and Shaneabbas Yusufali of new local car-car company Auto Mystique Car Care (AMCC) about why they are different to other detailing companies in the UAE.

Local car-care company Auto Mystique Car Care (AMCC) has only been open for business since June this year, but is already proving a popular choice for detailing and car care in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Located just off Sheikh Zayed Road, AMCC specialises in car detailing for all types of vehicles. The 4,500sq ft space is a purpose-built facility, featuring different areas of the detailing process.

Zuhair told us that AMCC’s slogan and what they live by is “paying attention to every detail” – “the UAE is full of wonderful automotive finds and we want to preserve people’s pride and joys, we have thought of every last detail,” he said.

“When we sat with our designers to produce the layout of our workshop, we wanted to create something unique but at the same time create a facility that would meet every requirement of a customer wanting to achieve the ultimate in car detailing. I’m really proud that our facility is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ setup,” Zuhair said.

Firstly, the space features a separate section for the first step; an exclusive wash area fitted with a hot and cold high-pressure washer, with the ability to change temperature depending on the level of contamination on each vehicle. “This machine is also capable of steaming, which is useful for lifting off any grease and stubborn dirt with enough pressure to break down dirt without damaging the vehicle’s surface – we must get rid of contaminants before using anything else on the car,” Shane added.

Three additional detailing bays provide a dedicated space for each car that comes into the facility, with each individual bay having its own exclusive auto detailer. Specified lighting of the correct temperature has also been installed to ensure there is apt lighting for an effective detail. “Lighting is key to detailing, it just makes for the best finish, with the smallest of imperfections being spotted,” Shane said.

A pillar-less hydraulic scissor lift has been fitted into each bay – meaning the workshop can accommodate virtually any vehicle. The lift raises the car to eye level and higher, enabling a better view and providing the technicians with the ability to work on hard-to-reach areas.

AMCC conducted scientific research into detailing products on the market, to make sure what they’re using reflected what they were trying to achieve. “AMCC takes pride in being of the select few in the region using products from multiple suppliers. All our staff have undergone certified training to use the products and numerous tools we have. Different cars have different paintwork finishes so taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just wouldn’t work.” Treatments available from AMCC include valeting, paint correction, paint protection, wet sanding, window filming, interior detailing and rim refurbishment. “With all the services we provide, we had to make sure we had the tools and right products for each area,” Zuhair said.

There’s even a photography studio. This is used for the final inspection and a professional photoshoot of the car following treatment. “Our state-of-the-art studio has been fitted with a 60 ft. Chimera light bank – we offer photography of the car and also teaser videos. We can even photograph cars with their owners,” Shane said.

The facility also has 24-hour recorded CCTV and is fully insured for theft, vandalism, fire and accidental damage – “ensuring peace of mind for our customers,” Zuhair concluded.

Bookings can be made online here.

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