Aston Martin Lagonda // The Big Ugly thing – Shelved

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This is probably not the most important news of the day but certainly a piece that has generated a fair amount of relief in the office. Ever since the top brass at the Aston Martin HQ in Gaydon stunned the world with quite possibly one of the most horrendous machines in a long time, we have been questioning whether it would ever actually happen. Would they really go so far as to put the car into production?

So when I was floating around 0-60 this afternoon it was a great relief to see that the word on the street is that the project has been shelved. Phew!

Now there is no denying that the car would have been a success in the freakishly large and popular SUV segment that prevails across the Middle East and I am sure that the usual suspects of Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes etc are sighing a small sigh of relief. However I think the work will be a far better place without it. Another sexy Aston in the mould we have become more than used to – YES! An SUV – NO!

So there you have it – thanks to dodgy styling a car has been pulled off the plan! Why that doesn’t happen more often is behind me. Anyone think the Cygnet is a looker?


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